¡Gracias! : Cómo ser feliz y estar en paz con la vida


Book Description

Nina Lebowitz and Mary Beth Simmons have found that being grateful in life allows us to live happier: gratitude is a factor of being content and stress-free. It helps you have more satisfying relationships and better react to good fortune of others. From their own experiences and knowledge, the authors show that a life of gratitude allows us to fight adversity and find inner peace. With clear, inspsirational phrases and assertive exercises, ¡Gracias! Cómo ser feliz y estar en paz con la vida is designed to help everyone achieve the kinds of life we have always wanted to build.

Author Biography

Author Biography

Nina Lesowitz is well-known for her leadership among business women within the San Francisco Bay area. She is also the director of the Spinergy Group, representing various authors, corporate clients, and non-profit organizations. She is the coauthor of the bestseller The Party Girl Cookbook. Mary Beth Sammons is a journalist, contributor to various websites such as Family Circle and the Chicago Tribune. She has received several awards within the newspaper and communication industry and is the author of nine books including Second Acts that Change Lives and The Courage Companion.


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