Breve antología de poesía mexicana impúdica, procaz, satírica y burlesca


Book Description

Mexican poetry has never shied away from satire, brazen humor, and even the risqué, a tradition not borrowed but rather inherited—Spanish poetry and novels have included references to sex and the scatological for centuries. In Mexico, the genre has also been used to voice biting social critiques. In this pocket anthology, Juan Domingo Argüelles delves deep into Mexico’s rudest, sharpest, and rebellious verses.

Author Biography


Juan Domingo Argülles studied Spanish Literature at UNAM. He is an essayist, literary critic and editor. He is the auth of Ustedes que leen, Antimanual para lectores y promotores del libro y la lectura, La letra muerta and Escribir y leer con los niños, los adolescentes y los jóvenes. He is also responsible for the anthologies Dos siglos de poesía mexicana and Antología general de la poesía mexicana.


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