¿Dónde Cantan los Pájaros Que Cantan?


Book Description

Children will enjoy this trip alongside one of the great Hispanic writers and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Juan Ramón Jiménez, as he guides them through a poetic world that covers topics like nature, the ocean, colors, and loneliness. Young readers will begin to enjoy reading along with a great writer, giving them a better appreciation for literature.

Un viaje de la mano de uno de los grandes escritores hispanos y recipiente del Premio Nobel de Literatura, Juan Ramón Jiménez, llevará al lector a conocer este universo poético que cubre temas como la

Author Biography


Juana Villazán Povedano is a professor and author of several reference books in her native Spanish. Fina Palomares Hernández is an editor, translator, and author of several works in her native Spanish. Pep Brocal is an illustrator.


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