¡Sana a tus hijos emocionalmente! : Con el poder de la palabra


Book Description

What parents tell their children leaves an impression, for better or for worse, that remains for the rest of their lives, potentially wreaking emotional havoc that could have been avoided with a greater awareness of the weight of words. With more than 30 years of working with parents and educators, Eduardo Aguilar Kubli researched to what extent we hear from our parents words that feed our spirit and help us grow. This book introduces the basis and elements of words to transform them into vitamins for a comprehensive health for our children, our students, and other loved ones, including adults, who also need verbal nourishment. Words, in order to hold power, must be honest, sincere, and consistent. Take advantage of the gold mine within your reach; use on a regular basis the more than 400 phrases proposed here by Aguilar Kubli.

Author Biography

Author Biography

Eduardo Aguilar Kubli is a psychologist and a former consultant for many independent businesses, institutes, and universities. He is the author of Amar con hechos, Asertividad, Cómo ser tú mismo sin culpas, Cómo no amargarse la vida, Cómo elegir bien a tu pareja, El cuento que tú te cuentas, and Habilidades para la vida.


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