¡Mamá, me pica! : Manual de supervivencia para padres novatos en alergias e intolerancias alimentarias


Book Description

Pau is 15 years old and allergic to a number of foods, including eggs, legumes, shellfish, and Andean potato latent virus (APLV). The discovery of his many allergies radically changed the lives of his entire family, who have not been able to let down their guard for a moment. Núria Canturri, Pau’s mother, shares her experiences, discoveries, recipes, and practical solutions in this book. Topics include how to proceed when you detect a food allergy, the differences between allergies and intolerance, how to cook for those with food allergies, how to read and interpret food labels, what instructions to give school cafeterias, how to eat outside of the house, and how to handle field trips and outings.

Author Biography

Author Biography

Núria Canturri is a musician and an associate producer for Animal Films. In 2010 she created the blog Jo també sóc allèrgic, which chronicles her family's experiences and struggles with the many allergies of her son, Pau.


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