¿Y ahora qué? Guía para sobrevivir truenes y divorcios


Book Description

Following the success of Sólo para parejas, a work that informs men and women about useful things to know before starting a life together, Fernanda de la Torre is back with another book for couples, but for those that have separated and need to maintain a civil relationship with one another. With practicality and simplicity, this book explores topics such as new partners, money, forgiveness, and child custody. It is a work whose purpose is to support people facing the difficult process of separation and guides them to possible paths that can create and maintain a relationship with your ex-partner while allowing each to build a new life of their own.

Author Biography

Author Biography

Fernanda de la Torre appears on TV One and is a part of the radio broadcast Coup d'État. She writes her own column in the Sunday Milenio Diario newspaper and has contributed to many publications throughout her career, including Milenio Semanal and Newsweek in Spanish.


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