¡Auxilio! ¡Mi hijo no trae manual! : Prácticas de crianza positiva, prevención de adicciones y bullying


Book Description

Behavior problems in childhood—tantrums, disobedience, aggression, no limits, confrontations—have always existed, and all families will face them at one point or another. Some parents are able to effectively discipline their children, feeling responsible and successful and enjoying their relationships with their children. But others feel frustrated and angry because they don’t know how to control their children, and in general things become more problematic. Today families face problems such as bullying and underage alcohol and drug use, and parents don’t know what to do or how to prevent it. Three expert researchers in prevention and risk behavior offer strategies for strengthening family relationships in this book. Based on daily activities, the suggestions here encourage parents to establish routines and limits, dedicate quality time to their children, and develop trust and good communication between parents and children. This book includes tools to identify behavior issues and step-by-step guides for preventing and controlling negative actions.

Author Biography

Author Biography

Francisco Javier Pedroza is a behavioral psychologist and a professor and researcher at Autonomous University of Aguascalientes in Mexico, where he heads the interinstitutional psychology doctorate program. Brenda Mendoza González is a researcher of school violence and bullying. She is the author of Asambleas escolares and Manual de autocontrol del enojo. She and Kalina Isela Martínez are professors of experimental behavior analysis at National Autonomous University of Mexico. Martínez is the author of Manual PIBA: Programa de intervención breve para adolescentes que inician el consumo de alcohol y otras drogas.


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