18 pasos para desarrollar tu negocio


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Intended specifically for Spanish-speaking, would-be business owners, this step-by-step guide addresses topics including deciding to be a business owner, selecting a business, choosing a name and location, legal licenses and permits, business bank accounts, insurance, bookkeeping and cash flow, developing a marketing plan, using the internet, determining financial resources, and beginning the business-planning process.

Pensado específicamente para los hispanohablantes quienes esperan ser dueños de empresas, esta guía detallada contiene información sobre el proceso de ser dueño, escoger un negocio, escoger un nombre y lugar, licencias y otras legalidades, cuentas bancarias, seguros, usando el Internet y varios otras partes del proceso de ser dueño de un negocio.

Author Biography

Author Biography

Linda Pinson is the author of Anatomy of a Business Plan, Keeping the Books, The Real World Entrepreneur, and Steps to Small Business Start-Up. She is a nationally recognized speaker, educator, and business consultant specializing in financial management. She lives in Tustin, California. Doris Benavides is a journalist with more than 15 years of experience writing for English and Spanish newspapers and publications in the U.S. and Mexico.


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