La novela corta y el relato breve. Cómo escribir una buena obra corta: técnica y dinámica


Book Description

Literary creations written as short stories offer a dose of vigor and eloquence with greater force than acclaimed novels, and this manual teaches how to write a successful novella or short story. Great writers of all time have employed these techniques to develop magnificent stories condensed into few lines. However, to give meaning and depth to a seemingly simple plot with a small number of characters is a difficult task. Chapters of this guide focus on the omniscient narrators, suggestions to start a story, and the “perfect ending.”

Author Biography

Author Biography

Mariano José Vázquez Alonso is an essayist and a novelist who has taught creative writing workshops at literary training centers throughout Spain. His novels include La balada del fuego fatuo, El escritor sin fronteras, and Negro vuelo de cuervo.


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