Un canard à New York


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This vibrant, engaging assortment offers children an entertaining introduction to the French language. From stories of friendship, family, discovery, and self-esteem to silly, snappy songs of one-of-a-kind barnyard animals, lullabies, and segments of classical music, children tune in to a variety of musical styles and multicultural experiences. The accompanying CDs provide children an opportunity to hear the pronunciation of the words and sing along as they learn the language. A little duck from the Prairies has a big dream—making it to New York City and doing his ducky dance on Broadway. It’s an adventurous journey that appears bound for failure until he meets up with a truck driver named Big Betty who gives him that little nudge he needs to tackle the Big Apple. The 12 songs in the accompanying CD include the story’s theme song and “Limace–Opéra” (Slug Opera), “Au bal des alligators” (Alligator Ball), and “Couac, couac, couac” (Quack, Quack, Quack).

Author Biography

Author Biography

Connie Kaldor has been named one of Canada’s most significant contemporary folk performers by Billboard Magazine. Her song "Wood River" is considered by many to be a quintessential Saskatchewanian song, and is an appointee of the Order of Canada. She lives in Montreal, Quebec. Fil & Julie (Philippe Arseneau Bussières and Julie Saint-Onge Drouin) have illustrated several albums, including Gratien Gratton prince de la gratouille, Fanfaron, À l'école des petits magiciens, and Time for Bed. They live in Quebec City, Quebec.


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