Caperucita Roja


Book Description

A new vision of classic stories with die-cut pages and modern adaptations. Caperucita Roja tells the famous tale of a young girl who plans to visit her grandmother, but before she arrives the girl encounters a wolf who decides to trick her grandmother.

Una nueva visión del cuento clásico troquelado de siempre con una adaptación moderna de los cuentos y leyendas más célebres. ¡Revive la hora del cuento! Un libro ideal para no perder las historias clásicas y transmitirlas de generación en generación.

Author Biography

Author Biography

Bel Olid is a writer, translator, and professor of language, literature, translation, and creative writing. She has received several literary awards and has served as the president of the Association of Writers in Catalan since March 2015.


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