Alosaurio : Lagarto extraño


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They lived 156 million years ago and were the greatest predators of the Jurassic. They were not very quick but they organized ambushes to catch their prey. Their name means Strange Lizard because their vertebrae were constructed differently than the rest of the other reptiles.

Vivieron hace 156 millones de años, y fueron los mayores depredadores del Jurásico. No eran muy rápidos, pero si astutos, organizaban emboscadas para atrapar a sus presas. Su nombre quiere decir Extraño lagarto y se debe a que sus vértebras estaban construidas de manera diferente al resto de los saurios.

Author Biography

Author Biography

Terry Riley is an author and illustrator of children's books. He is also the author of Autopsies: Pathologists at Work, Medical breakthroughs, and A Little Giant Book: Dinosaurs and Volcanoes. Rob Shone is also an author and illustrator of children's books. He specializes in addressing issues of general culture and science diffusion in adaptations for younger readers.


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