¡No somos los 3 cerditos! Un cuento para dejar de ser marranitos


Book Description

With eye-catching illustrations and a text written in verse, this humorous tale focuses on three very disorderly brothers who love nothing more than to be disheveled and dirty. When their behavior begins to drive away their friends—who are tired of smelling the stinky trio—the school principal makes them a deal. Are the brothers able to spend one week clean and well dressed? This educational story entertains kids as it teaches them about the importance of good hygiene.

Con ilustraciones llamativas y un texto redactado en verso, este cuento cómico se centra en tres hermanos muy desordenados a quienes les gusta nada más que estar desaliñados y sucios. Cuando su actitud empiece a alejar a sus amigos de su lado—cansados de oler al trío apestoso—el director de la escuela les propone un trato. ¿Son capaces los hermanos de estar una semana aseados y arreglados? Este cuento didáctico entretiene a los niños mientras les enseña sobre la importancia de los hábitos de higiene.

Author Biography

Author Biography

Elisenda Roca is an award-winning Spanish radio and television journalist who has served as the doyenne of the Association of Journalists of Catalonia. She is the author of several books for parents and parents-to-be. Cristina Losantos is an illustrator who regularly contributes to newspapers and children’s magazines. She is the illustrator of a set of books in the Caballo alado ACCIÓN series. They previously collaborated on the children's book ¡Fuera pesadillas!.


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