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Written in verse, this appealing, illustrated tale introduces Juan, a calm, cheerful boy during the day who is nevertheless beset by a myriad of fears at night. From his bed, he sees all manner of threatening shadows and terrifying creatures that disappear as soon as his parents turn on the lights. Juan’s grandmother will show him how to overcome his fears—because who says that the dark can’t be fun? This charming story, with its poetic cadences, is a perfect read before bedtime.

Escrito en verso, este cuento atractivo e ilustrado presenta a Juan, un niño tranquilo y risueño de día al que le asaltan toda clase de temores de noche. Desde su cama ve sombras amenazadoras y criaturas terroríficas que desaparecen cuando sus padres encienden la luz. La abuela de Juan le enseñará cómo vencer el miedo—porque ¿quién dice que la oscuridad no puede ser divertida? Esta historia encantadora, con sus cadencias poéticas, es una lectura perfecta para antes de dormir.

Author Biography

Author Biography

Elisenda Roca is an award-winning Spanish radio and television journalist who has served as the doyenne of the Association of Journalists of Catalonia. She is the author of several books for parents and parents-to-be. Cristina Losantos is an illustrator who regularly contributes to newspapers and children’s magazines, including Cavall Fort and El Tatano.


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