¡Feliz Navidad, queridos monstruos!


Book Description

Agus Pianola is really worried: The evil Dr. Brot has hatched a cunning plan to take away Christmas from the world forever. Agus and his friends can only count on the monster It and his gang the Unreal Peep Band to help them save the world at all costs!

Agus Pianola sí está preocupado de verdad: por culpa de un nuevo plan maléfico del Dr. Brot, el mundo está a punto de quedarse sin Navidad para siempre. Agus y sus amigos solo cuentan con la ayuda del monstruo It y de la Unreal Peep Band, ¡pero están dispuestos a salvar la Navidad como sea!

Author Biography

Author Biography

Jaume Copons is a former instructor of language and literature, a screenwriter who has worked on Los Lunnis and Sesame Street, and the author of many children's books. Liliana Fortuny is an illustrator and an animator.


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